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Barely There

Location: UIC School of Architecture, USA
Client: UIC Faculty show "Figures" co-curated by Jayne Kelley and Grant Gibson
Year: 2013
Credits: Julie Flohr, Oisse Architects Inc. principal, with Borislav Angelov and Anton Tonchev, UIC School of Architecture

Barely There, produced specifically for the 2013 spring faculty show at UIC, “Figure”, is another take on playing out Corner Negative: it is its actual exact geometric reproduction. However it does not render it as a full-scale, solid, thick, smooth, curvilinear continuous surface, but dematerializes it. Its geometric formation is revealed through the geometric construction of sequential planar cuts across the surfaces. Barely There is a three-dimensional installation that wants to be a drawing, it is a scaled-down version of its predecessor and it is made of black wire lines suspended right above one’s eyesight. It is intended to be looked through. In each corner of the eye one can make-up each surface and thus experience a version of what it might be like to occupy the full scale installation of Corner Negative.

Barely There plays up the notion that figural legibility does not have to happen through solid surface-based figures and that it can indeed attempt to be barely legible.