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Assembled Ecologies: Infrastructure a la carte

Location: Lakefront extension, Chicago, USA
Client: Graham Foundation for Advanced studies, winning entry
Area: 1200 acres
Consultants:Garret Browne (TTE, Structural Engineering), Jennifer L. Baker(Wildlife Ecology) and Amy Ferguson (Environmental Engineering and Water Processing)
Year: 2004
Credits: Cecilia Benites, Julie Flohr and Clare Lyster

This project is for a 1200 acre park on the Chicago Lakefront that would extend Lincoln Park northwards to the Evanston border. It is conceived as a framework that accommodates a new relationship between nature, park and city by merging; infrastructure, commerce, technology and environmentalism with recreational programs, to produce a new morphology of public park that is a hybrid assembly of natural and constructed ground. The park is a floating surface that poetically respects land and water as public landscape.