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History Moves

Location: Chicago, USA
Client:Jennie Brier
Year: 2012-14
Credits: Julie Flohr, Oisse Architects Inc. Principal with Sharon Haar, Urban Consultant and Jennie Brier, Public Historian, Matthew Wizinski, Interactive Digital Design, UIC Innovation Center, and Anton Tonchev, Architectural and fabrication assistant.

History Moves is a public history gallery designed to enable professional historians and community-based partners to collect and interpret under explored pieces of urban (in this case Chicago’s) history. More than a two-dimensional traveling exhibition or online experience, the three-dimensional experience of the gallery allows for the unique experience of physical artifacts, graphic materials, and digital content. We propose a new approach for making historical exhibitions, both in terms of how the content is determined and the way the content is delivered to the public. This allows us to work on exhibition design to serve a civic purpose, producing public history from public interest and a public interested in public history. With civic engagement and architectural, digital and interactive design knit into the fabric of the project, History Moves serves as a forum for community-based organizations to use history as a tool to increase the visibility of their work, and expand their cultural authority.