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Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies

Location:Chicago, USA
Client: Chicago Architectural Club, Speculative Competition Entry, Finalists
Credits: Julie Flohr with Jason Sachs
Year: 2002

This proposal for a new facility for The Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies combines public spaces, a school, and a mixed-use office tower. It brings to Chicago’s South Loop an innovative public space that allows the institute to renew with its public mission and presence in the Midwest.
The tectonics of the project make play of expressive materiality relevant to Jewish culture. The public activities within the institute - the Asher library, the temporary exhibit spaces, and the Zell holocaust memorial - are installed within a thick striated surround wall located at the base of the tower. The striation provides a consistent visual indexation system that reveals the structure of the archival system to the visitor and the advanced user. The purpose of this material coded space is to provide a continuous educational landscape rendering knowledge ubiquitous.