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Novel Geometric Approach to Sound

Institutional support: The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, Research and Development Grant
Year: 2009
Credits: Julie Flohr, Oisse Architects Inc. principal, with Zackery Belanger, Acoustician

Novel Geometric Approach to Sound looks to inform architectural form based on a knowledge area that is a relative of architecture but that is not typically engaged with by architects as a primary agent for form generation. Working with acoustics, this project seeks to define a spatial environment that is highly informed by the temporal behavior of audible sound within it.
Historically, spaces that delivered acoustic clarity have either shown a close relationship between volumetric specification and the articulation of the material layering of its interiors or lack there-of, calling for after the fact treatments. Historical arguments regarding the role of ornament in architecture have taken on similar turns: some argue that ornament is integral to the formal project while others discredit ornament as appliqué. Architecture as a discipline has had to continually invent the representation of form and ornament. This question is revisited by the proposed project whose ambition it is to establish and represent a novel relationship between form, material and texture in order to achieve the best possible acoustical clarity.