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Loosey-Tighty: Studies in curvature

Credits: UIC School of architecture - ARCH 206 – Spring 2010

Faculty: Laura Fehlberg, Julie Flohr, Chris Frye, Michael Gelick, Thomas Kelley, Teddy Slowik.

The ambition of this project is to propose the study of curvature as the focus for a series of experimental physical operations that connect the physicality of curve - its form - to its mathematical underpinning - its constructive rules.

Our investigation compared two major curve types: the “catenary” curve (Loosey) and the “Bezier” (Tighty) curve.

Our methodology for conducting physical experiments in curvature is to build models that physically reproduce all of the symbolic (the mathematics) that relates to the type of curve studied. Our conceptual model for learning about curve is the scientific model of the lab being an environment in which scenarios can be produced, in a certain order (method) – and where precise recordings are made that relate the set-up of the experiment, the findings (observation), and the proposed projection (the set-up for the following experiment).